Savings Accounts

We offer a complete family of deposit accounts and services to help you make the most of your money, while making it easier to manage.

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Premier Money Market Savings Passbook Savings Statement Savings Kids Club Savings Christmas Club
Open Account Online Start Application n/a Start Application n/a n/a
Summary Earn higher interest with no monthly fees! Open this traditional account with as little as $25. With this convenient account, you’ll receive a monthly statement listing your balance and any transactions. We make teaching the value of saving fun! Open this account for kids of any age with as little as $1. It’s a great way to plan for holiday expenses.
Interest Compounded daily

Credited monthly

Compounded quarterly Compounded monthly Compounded quarterly Applied at term
Amount to Open As little as $100 As little as $25 As little as $100 As little as $1 $25
Withdrawals Six withdrawals a month You’ll receive a passbook, in which we will record deposits and withdrawals. Monthly statement listing balance and any transactions Free gift during each month a deposit is made. Deposit a bit each week and receive a check in time for Christmas shopping.
ATM Card No No Yes No No
Monthly Service Fee No monthly fees or service charges $5 quarterly fee waived if average daily balance of $250 if maintained $5 monthly fee waived if average daily balance of $250 is maintained